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MX-16s transmitter 40/41 MHz, german menue Ref. N°. 4703.77
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Product information
High-technology micro-computer radio control system with new high-speed single-chip micro-computer, flash memory and 10-bit A/D converter. A computer radio control system with twelve model memories, carefully optimised and incorporating top-level technology. Modern computer system for unbeatable reliability. Simplified, straightforward programmingtechnique using rockers and momentary buttons. The high-contrast graphic screen provides an efficient means of monitoring set-up parameters, operating modes, timers and battery voltage.
- Modern hardware and integrated Synthesizer system for channel selection, with security menu to guard against setting the wrong frequency accidentally.
- Methods of operation and programming based on the proven concepts of the mc-19 to mc-24.
- Eight control functions with extremely convenient, simplified method of assigning controls for auxiliary functions such as external switches and proportional controls.
- Unrestricted assignment of all switches to switched functions simply by operating the desired switch.
- Twelve model memories, the latest back-up system is requiring no Lithium battery.
- Four switches (of which one is a three-position switch), one momentary button, one analogue control, two digital controls installed as standard; freely programmable for extreme flexibility.
- Function encoder with two rocker buttons and two momentary buttons for simplified programming and accurate set-up.
- CONVENIENT MODE SELECTOR provides simple method of switching the stick mode (modes 1 - 4, e.g. throttle right / throttle left).
- Graphical servo display provides a straightforward overview and a fast method of checking servo travels.
- Wing menu for: 1AIL, 2AIL, 2FLAP, V-tail, delta / flying wing and two elevator servos. Wing mixer:AIL diff, FL diff, AIL à RUD, AIL à FL, Brake à FL, Brake à AIL, ELE à FL, ELE à AIL, FL à ELE, FL à AIL and Diff. reduction; also receiver output swap.
- Heli menu: 1-point, 2-point, 3-point and 4-point linkages (1 SV, 2 SV, 3 SV (2 roll), 3 SV (2 pitch-axis), 4 SV (90°)
Selectable modulations:
SPCM: Super PCM modulation with high system resolution of 1024 steps per control function. For receivers: smc-14, smc-19, smc-20, smc-16SCAN, smc-19DS, smc-20DS, smc-20DSYN, smc-20DSCAN.
PPM 18: Eight functions, using the most widespread standardtransmission method (FM and FMsss).
For receivers: C 12, C 16, C 17, R16SCAN, C 19, DS 18, DS 19, DS 20.
Servo travel adjustment + 150% for all servo channels, variable for each end-point separately (Single Side Servo Throw).

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Manuals   Istruzioni


Sub-trim for fine-tuning the neutral position ofall servos
Two-stage Expo / Dual-Rate system, separately variable, can be switched in-flight.
-Mixer functions: aileron differential mixer, butterfly mixer, flaperon mixer and three freely programmable mixers.
Programmable Fail-Safe function with hold-mode or preset function (SPCM only).
Stopwatch / count-down timer with alarm function.
-Model copy function for model memories.

The sets contain:
mx-16S transmitter with Synthesizer transmitter module on the appropriate frequency band, integral 8NH-1700 mAh 9.6 V NiMH battery.
Transmission system: SPCM / PPM 18
Synthesizer RF section: for 40 / 41 MHz band
Channel spacing, Synthesizer: 10 kHz
Max. control functions: SPCM = 8 / PPM = 8
Control functions: 8 functions, 4 with trims
Channel pulse width: 1.5 ms + 0.5 ms
Temperature range: -15 ... +55°C
Telescopic aerial: 10-section, approx. 1150 mm long
Operating voltage: 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 225 mA (65 mA excl. RF)
Dimensions approx. 195 x 190 x 85 mm
Weight approx. 870 g incl. transmitter battery

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Neckstrap für hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 70 or Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or Neckstrap for hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 1121
USB Simulator Interface for flight-simulation
Charger Multilader 7E  or  other chargers 
Transmitter charge lead 3022
Receiver batteries
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 
Servo C 577   or  Other servos.

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