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TAXI II Ref. N°. 4638


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R/C power model. For training and basic aerobatics. For engines of approx. 3.2-4 cm3 displ. 4-6 channels. Quickie kit with engine installation accessories. 
Product information
TAXI ll-a developed version of its forerunner TAXI - is a true trainer with absolutely uncritical flight caracteristics. Its medium size provides wellbalanced goodmannered characteristics, yet allow basic aerobatics, incl. inverted flight, to be performed. The wing sports geometric washout and a semi-symmetrical airfoil section. The model is inherently stable as a result, rendering it practically unstallable. As compared to the earlier TAXI its assembly has been drastically simplified. Its strength has been increased by the use of novel balsa/obechi plywood. Great attention has been given to profuse prefabrication. Assembly of the fuselage front section has been simplified by the use of extruded ABS plastic parts. TAXI ll can be retrofitted with a steerable nose gear (No 290). The model may be flown with 4-channel equipment for rudder and elevator control. However only 6-channel equipment (throttle added) permits the realistic execution of flight ma-neuvers, such as roll, take-off, Ianding approach etc. Equipping the model with 3-3.5 cm³ engines has proved particularly satistfactory. A flight duration of up to 20 minutes is possible. Equipped with a 4 cm³ engine it will fly highly lively.
Contents of the Quickie kit
Quickbuild plan with R/C installation building instructions in German, English, French and Dutch with exploded view drawing of the model. Die-cut, printed sheets of novel obecchi/balsa/obecchi plywood shaped hardwood engine bearers, balsa and pine moldings, engine cowl and wind-screen moulded of ABS plastic; formed chrome-plated steelwire parts (landing gear), adhesive tissue paper, decals, R/C- and engine installation accessories .


R/C functions
Rudder, coupled with steerable nose gear
Engine throttle

Wing span 1500 mm
Fuselage length 905 mm
Length o. a. 1030 mm
Wing area 30.35 dm²
Stab area 8.00 dm²
Total surface area 38.35 dm²
Weight, ready to fly,
depending on R/C gear and
equipment carried) 1700 g
Total surface area loading 44 g/dm²

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