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CUMULUS XXL Ref. N°. 4546
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Electric-powered RC model. For electric flight, slope soaring and tow launching. Pack of ready-made components and linkage hardware pack. 
Product information
In the development of the CUMULUS XXL good-natured flying characteristics had top priority, and the model's fine handling is particularly noticeable on the landing approach, when the CUMULUS XXL can be flown very slowly, making it much easier for the pilot to achieve accurate landings. The model features full-length camber-changing flaps which can be deflected up as well as down, giving the CUMULUS XXL an unusually broad speed range. Deflecting the flaps to a negative setting (up) makes it possible to cover areas of downdraught quickly and efficiently, where as positive (down) flap settings enable the model to exploit the narrowest of thermals. For braking on the landing approach the ailerons and flaps can be moved to the butterfly (crow) setting, i.e. ailerons up, flaps down. The pack contains ready-built wing and tailplane panels, factory-covered in two colours. The V-tail can be removed to make transport easier. The CUMULUS XXL can also be converted easily into a glider, as the electric nose cone can be removed and replaced by the glider version, which is available as an optional accessory. The conversion is very easy to carry out.

Pack contents
Clear assembly instructions in German, English and French. White pigmented ready-made epoxy fuselage, wing and V-tail covered in translucent and opaque iron-on film*, machined plywood servo plate, decal sheet including name placards, linkage hardware pack. *We reserve the right to vary the colour of film used on the covered parts.

RC functions
Rudder Elevator Ailerons Camber-changing flaps Electric version: Speed controller or motor switch

Wingspan approx. 2250 mm
Fuselage length approx. 1045 mm
Overall length approx. 1085 mm
Wing section GQ/W 10%
Tailplane section Flat plate
Wing area approx. 42.1 dm²
Tailplane area approx. 7.8 dm²
Total surface area approx. 49.9 dm²
Glider version approx. 1090 g
Electric version approx. 1790 g

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