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SUPER DIMONA Ref. N░. 4521
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Product information
When the Austrian firm of Diamond AIRCRAFT introduced the SUPER-DIMONA they played a wonderful ace, as the machine is arguably the best motor-glider currently on the market. The machine is ideal both for pilot training and for aero-towing. The climb performance as a tug is lower than normal, which means that each tow tends to be longer, but the compensation is the machine┤s effective airbrakes, which give it an outstanding ability to get back down again quickly. With its excellent brakes the SUPER-DIMONA can carry out very steep, ultra-short landing approaches. Our model of the SUPER-DIMONA features only slight dimensional changes compared to scale. The kit is highly pre-fabricated; for example, all the openings in the fuselage for the wing joiner and retainer systems are accurately pre-cut. The ready-made obechi-skinned wing and tailplane panels feature pre-fitted and sanded leading edges, and the wing panels are factory-fitted with the aluminium boxes for the airbrakes. Machined servo wells are present in the wings and tailplane. The winglets are attached to the wings with nylon screws on the underside, and are removable for
Pack contents
Building instructions in German, English and French. White pigmented moulded epoxy components including fuselage, rudder, wheel fairings and winglets, obechi-skinned wings and tailplane, vacuum-moulded canopy, canopy frame, decal sheet, control linkage hardware.
RC functions
Throttle / Speed controller
Wingspan approx. 3600 mm
Fuselage length approx. 1450 mm
Overall length approx. 1590 mm
Wing section S 2027 mod.
Tailplane section symm. 9%
Wing area approx. 70.4 dm▓
Tailplane area approx. 8.3 dm▓
Total surf. area approx. 78.7 dm▓
Weight approx., min. 6500 g

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