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MICRO JET RANGER RC-helicopter Ref. N°. 4492
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Product information
The "micro 47G indoor" miniature electric helicopter is a fully-featured, untethered model controlled using a four-function FM radio control system, and designed for indoor flying. The model features two co-axial contra-rotating rotors and therefore requires no tail rotor; its outstanding feature is its unsurpassed stability in the air. This means that it can be mastered quickly, and requires only a relatively short period of practice. "Normal" model helicopters need constant fine adjustments to the roll and pitch-axis functions when hovering, otherwise they will always tend to tilt in a random direction, and fly off on that heading at increasing speed; in contrast the "micro 47G indoor" is inherently totally stable: once correctly trimmed, the model remains motionless in the air and only moves in the horizontal direction when (and for as long as) you hold the stick in the appropriate direction; when you release the stick, the helicopter ceases moving without requiring any opposite control input: the machine simply comes to a halt again in the air. The "micro 47G indoor" is supplied completely assembled and already test-flown. The model's power is drawn from the Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) battery supplied as standard; it can be recharged using the automatic Li-Po charger (12 V / 220 V) included in the set, or with any other charger designed expressly for this type of battery. The flight time with a single battery charge is around nine minutes. The transmitter is normally powered by eight AA-size dry cells (not included), but rechargeable cells can also be used; a charge socket is fitted as standard.
Length excl. rotor approx. 420 mm
Height approx. 180 mm
Width excl. rotor approx. 100 mm
Main rotor Ĝ 340 mm
All-up weight approx. 235 g
Radio control system: FM 4-channel
Power supply: Li-Po battery, 7.4 V / 800 mAh


Pack contents
Completely factory-assembled model with decals applied, already test-flown; including motors, servos, speed controller, gyro, Li-Po battery and charger (12 V / 220 V) and FM transmitter; instructions in German, English and French.
RC functions
Climb / descend

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110650 USB- Simulator-Interface MPX and Graupner/JR
RF9019 Adapter for Graupner 47G-transmitter

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