MICRO 47G INDOOR 35MHz V05 RC-helicopter Ref. N░. 4490


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Product information
The "micro 47G indoor" miniature electric helicopter is a fully-featured, untethered model controlled using a four-function FM radio control system, and designed for indoor flying. The model features two co-axial contra-rotating rotors and therefore requires no tail rotor; its outstanding feature is its unsurpassed stability in the air. This means that it can be mastered quickly,and requires only a relatively short period of practice. "Normal" model helicopters need constant fine adjustments to the roll and pitch-axis functions when hovering, otherwise they will always tend to tilt in a random direction, and fly off on that heading at increasing speed; in contrast the "micro 47G indoor" is inherently totally stable: once correctly trimmed, the model remains motionless in the air and only movesin the horizontal direction when (and for as long as) you hold the stick in the appropriate direction; when you release the stick, the helicopter ceases moving without requiring any opposite control input: the machine simply comes to a halt again in the air. The "micro 47G indoor" is supplied completely assembled and already test-flown. The model's power is drawn from the Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) battery supplied asstandard; it can be recharged using the automatic Li-Po charger (12 V / 220 V) included in the set, or with any other charger designed expressly for this type of battery. The flight time with a single battery charge is around nine minutes. The transmitter is normally powered by eight AA-size dry cells (not included), but rechargeable cells can also be used; a charge socket is fitted as standard.
Length excl. rotor approx. 360 mm
Height approx. 180 mm
Width excl. rotor approx. 100 mm
Main rotor ě 340 mm
All-up weight approx. 210 g
Radio control system: FM 4-channel
Power supply: Li-Po battery, 7.4 V / 800 mAh


Pack contents
Completely factory-assembled model with decals applied, already test-flown; including motors, servos, speed controller, gyro, Li-Po battery and charger (12 V / 220 V) and FM transmitter; instructions in German, English and French.
RC functions
Climb / descend

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110650 USB- Simulator-Interface MPX and Graupner/JR
RF9019 Adapter for Graupner 47G-transmitter

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