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Model helicopter of open construction. Kit. 
Product information
The STARLET 50 ELEKTRO is a high-performance medium-sized electric helicopter, and represents a variant on the STARLET 50, powered by an electric motor and 20 to 24 cells. The flight packs are arranged inside the bottom of the chassis, and are easily accessible for changing. The flight times which can be achieved depend primarily on your choice of motor, batteries, rotor blades and mechanical set-up; you can reasonably expect around 8 - 10 minutes. To the beginner, the STARLET 50 ELEKTRO is an affordable trainer helicopter with excellent scope for upgrades; at any time it can be converted to UNI-EXPERT ELEKTRO MECHANICS specification, and also, if required, into the glow motor powered versions. It is therefore a future-proof investment. However, the model is also of interest to the advanced helicopter flyer who appreciates aerobatic potential, and is looking for a compact electric model with a good excess of power. The upgrade potential of the STARLET 50 ELEKTRO makes it a fine starting point for an extensive helicopter system - just like the STARLET 50 with its glow motor - extending from the small beginners machine to the experts aerobatic or scale model. With its large tail rotor diameter, the model boasts excellent control response around the vertical axis, and full tail rotor control is available in auto-rotation mode. The tall chassis and curved tail boom give generous ground clearance for the tail rotor. The tail rotor shaft runs in a curve through the tail boom, and therefore cannot oscillate. The lightweight vacuum-moulded fairing for the mechanics is mounted on rubber grommets for vibration resistance, and can be fitted and removed in a few seconds, providing excellent access to the radio control components and mechanics. The long, black eloxided tail boom is effectively supported by two braces, and can be replaced very quickly if it should be damaged. The booms length was selected to ensure that the beginner could learn flying with low-cost wooden rotor blades which are short and feature a reflex section, whereas the expert pilot could install longer, symmetrical-sectioned GRP rotor blades for 3-D aerobatics.

Kit contents
Detailed building instructions in German, English and French. Kit-form mechanics including tail rotor. Thrust bearings in main and tail rotors, auto-rota-tion freewheel, pushrods, CG-optimised wooden main rotor blades with reflexed section. Vacuum-moulded, factory-joined ABS cabin shells, clear smoked-tint cabin screen, tail boom components, injection-moulded glass fibre reinforced nylon vertical and horizontal stabilisers, aluminium tail boom braces, pushrods, tail rotor shaft, skid landing gear with black eloxided skids, fixings, small parts. To operate the model you require a radio control system equipped with special helicopter options, or a micro-computer RC system such as the mc-14, mc-15, mc-16/20, mc-22 or mc-24. As minimum equipment you will need a radio control system with a 3-point swashplate mixer and five directly controllable servos for the functions pitch-axis, roll-axis, collective pitch, tail rotor and throttle.
RC functions:
Roll function; Pitch-axis function; Tail rotor; Motor speed; Collective pitch; Also recommended: Gyro stabilisation of tail rotor; Electronic main rotor speed governor.


Length excl. rotor approx. 1310 mm
Width excl. rotor approx. 240 mm
Height approx. 430 mm
Rotor range 1160 ... 1365 mm
All-up weight min. approx. 4000 g






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