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MICRO STAR 400 Ref. N°. 4441.RCU
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Miniature electric helicopter for indoor and outdoor flying. Factory-assembled model incl. motor.  In the box are additional 4servos, speed controller and gyro system.  
Product information
The MICRO STAR 400 is a miniature electric-powered helicopter which boasts all the performance and flight handling of much larger models. It is controlled using collective pitch and a Bell/Hiller main rotor mixer linkage, i.e. we have not adopted any compromises which would have an adverse effect on flight control. The result is that the MICRO STAR 400 can even be flown in quite strong winds without problems, in spite of its diminutive size. The potential flight time per battery charge naturally varies according to the models set-up and the pilots flying style; our experience shows that around 15 minutes duration is possible under normal conditions if the recommended LiPo battery is used. The control functions roll, pitch-axis and collective pitch are mixed mechanically, which means that the model can be flown using a simple four-function radio control system; motor speed control and collective pitch are coupled together using a Y-lead. Nevertheless, a transmitter with special helicopter options (mc-12  mc-24) obviously offers certain advantages. The models strong, lightweight chassis consists of nylon components, while the tail boom, boom braces and skids are made of eloxided aluminium. The stabilisers comprise extremely lightweight GRP frames which can be installed ]open (for 3-D aerobatics), or ]closed (using the film decals supplied) to produce conventional stabiliser panels which are easier to see in flight. The motor drives the main rotor by means of a single-stage gearbox with an integral auto-rotation freewheel - by no means a standard feature in this size of model. The tail rotor is driven directly by the motor via a ballraced carbon fibre shaft.
Pack contents
As Order Ref. N°. 4441, plus four servos, speed controller for the drive motor, and gyro system.
RC functions:
Roll Pitch-axis Tail rotor Motor speed Collective pitch Gyro stabilisation for vertical (yaw) axis
Length excl. rotor approx. 580 mm
Height approx. 205 mm
Width excl. rotor approx. 90 mm
Main rotor Ĝ 630 mm
Tail rotor Ĝ 140 mm
All-up weight min. approx. 495 g
Main rotor reduction ratio 13.2:1
Tail rotor reduction ratio 4:1

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