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MICRO DANCER Ref. N°. 4427


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RC model aircraft for electric power with profiled wing. Pack containing ready-made model and RC.
Product information
The MICRO DANCER is a good-looking RC model aircraft with an excellent performance. The model is supplied completely assembled. Fuselage, wing, tail panels and motor pods are moulded in rigid foam and supplied pre-painted. To fly the model all you have to do is charge the drive battery and place it in the battery well. The transmitter requires 6 dry cells. The TWINY is steered by controlling motor speed. In practice this means that both motors are switched on or off to make the model climb or descend, while the model is turned by switching the appropriate motor on and off: for a left turn the right motor runs, while for a right turn the left motor must be switched on. A switch on the right-hand side of the transmitter links these functions, so that you can control both climb and turn using one thumb. The drive battery can be recharged from the dry cells fitted in the transmitter. The MICRO DANCER can be flown safely in quite a small field, as the model responds very well to control commands.
Pack contents
Illustrated instructions, factory-assembled model, flight battery, RC system, model stand, replacement propellers, wind pennant.

RC functions
Right/left Motors on/off

Wingspan approx. 360 mm
Length approx. 330 mm
Wing area approx. 2.45 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 0.65 dmē
Total surface area approx. 3.19 dmē
All-up weight approx. 47 g

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