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THERMIK-SPORT  Ref. N░. 4292


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R/C electric-powered glider. Almost-Ready-to-fly model for electric power with 7 to 12 cells. 1.4 - 2 Ah. 8 channels. Pack of ready-made components and control linkage hardware. 
Product information
The THERMIK-SPORT was designed especially for the new SPEED GEAR 700 2.7:1 geared motor. With 8 NC cells the model produces a smooth climb, making it a very attractive choice for the relatively inexperienced RC pilot. The more proficient model pilot will appreciate the model's rapid rate of climb with 10 or 12 NC cells. The unusual wing design features relatively short tip panels and large ailerons on the inboard panels, combining the advantages of an inherently stable model with the effective directional control of ailerons. The relative beginner will find that this arrangement makes for a straight forward transition to aileron-controlled models. Naturally the ailerons can also double as airbrakes, enabling the pilot to achieve accurate spot landings after extended thermal flights. The model is supplied in a practical transit case which can be used to carry the finished machine to the flying field. The wings are two-part and the tailplane is removable. To finish off the model no painting is required at all, as it is supplied ready-covered. All you need to do is apply the transfer.
Pack contents
Clear assembly instructions in German, English and French. Ready-made GRP fuselage with CNC machined openings, torsionally rigid built-up wing panels, wings and tail panels covered in translucent plastic film*, vacuum-moulded blue plastic CNC machined canopy, printed and die-cut plywood panels, decor sheet, small parts, control linkage hardware. * We reserve the right to supply film-covered components finished in different colours.

R/C functions
Rudder Elevator Ailerons / airbrakes Speed controller

Radio control equipment
GRAUPNER/JR mc-14 to mc-24 35 MHz computer system;

Wingspan approx. 2500 mm
Overall length approx. 1220 mm
Wing area approx. 52 dm▓
Wing section SPICA mod.
Tailplane area approx. 7.5 dm▓
Total surface area approx. 59.5 dm▓
All-up weight min. approx** 2300 g
Total surface loading approx. 38.69 g/dm▓

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