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PEDRO Ref. N°. 4233


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RC electric-powered glider. For 3-channel RC. Ready-made model in carry pack. 

Product information
PEDRO is an electric-powered glider with pleasantly harmonious flying characteristics. The tip panels take the form of winglets, and endow the model with a high level of inherent stability. With its generously sized rudder the model's control response is excellent. PEDRO can be flown smoothly and slowly or faster and with more spirit - depending on the pilot's preference. The model is supplied in a practical carrying case. If you purchase the ready-made version, Ref. N°. 4233, no gluing is required at all, as the fuselage is supplied with all parts already glued in place. Just install the RC system and the model is ready to go.

Contents of the carry pack

Clear assembly instructions in German, English and French, ready-made PERFEKT fuselage with CNC-machined openings, prepared for installation of motor and RC system, fin factory-fitted. CNC-trimmed vacuum-moulded blue plastic canopy fitted with integral latch, factory-covered wing and tail panels*, decal sheet.


Rudder Elevator Speed controller

Wingspan approx. 1800 mm
Overall length approx. 1000 mm
Wing area approx. 34 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 4.2 dmē
Total surface area approx. 38.2 dmē
All-up weight min. approx. 1400 g
Total surface loading approx. 36.6 g/dmē


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