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FALKE Ref. N°. 4221


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Electric-powered RC glider. For 4-channel RC. Carry pack case containing ready-made components and control linkage hardware. Almost-Ready-To-Fly model for electric power with 7 or 8 cells, 1.7...2 Ah. 
Product information
The FALKE represents an extremely gentle means of converting to aileron-controlled electric-powered models, and therefore forms the perfect follow-on model to the BUSSARD or JUNIOR-SPORT. The 2-part wing is of strong all built-up construction and is supplied factory-covered. The large wing area and polyhedral wing give the FALKE particularly smooth for a model of this size.

Contents of the carry pack

Clear assembly instructions in German, English and French. Ready-made PERFEKT fuselage with CNC-machined openings, torsionally stiff built-up wing panels, completely sheeted and covered in white plastic film*. Solid balsa tail panels, factory-covered, CNC-trimmed vacuum-moulded blue plastic canopy, printed and die-cut plywood panels, decal sheet, small parts, control linkage hardware. * We reserve the right to supply the undersides covered in different colours of film.


Rudder Elevator Ailerons/airbrakes Speed controller

Wingspan approx. 1900 mm
Overall length approx. 1045 mm
Wing area approx. 39 dmē
Wing section SPICA mod.
Tailplane area approx. 6 dmē
Total surface area approx. 45 dmē
All-up weight approx.* 1700 g
Total surface area loading approx. 37.7 g/dmē
* with recommended standard power system

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