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Diagnosis lead Ref. N°. 4178
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Product information

The diagnosis lead (closed loop lead) allows you to control the receiver directly from the transmitter without using the transmitter's HF section. Since no HF signal is transmitted or received the transmitter is incapable of causing interference. The diagnosis lead can be used to operate and check all functions without restriction. If you are a competition flyer, for example, you can make those last fine adjustments without interfering with other pilot' R/C systems. The lead is plugged into the connector pins usually occupied by the HF module at the transmitter, and the socket for the receiver battery can be connected to any vacant servo socket. Can be used with the following systems: FM 414, FM 4014, FM 6014, mc-756 PROFI Car, X-347, X-388 S, X-3810, mc-15,mc-16, mc-16/20, mc-17, mc-18, mc-19, mc-20, mc-22, mc-22S mc-24.

Length approx. 95 cm

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