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NAUTIC Multi-Split decoder Ref. N. 4139


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Product information
The NAUTIC Multi-Split decoder expands one receiver channel to provide 5 servo functions. It is required when the transmitter is fitted with a 1/5 K NAUTIC Multi-Split module (Ref. N. 4138 or 4140). The decoder module is simply connected to the appropriate receiver output socket; the receiver supplies the appropriate signals and power supply to the extra servos. A total of 9 servos can be connected, divided into two groups of 4 and 5 servos respectively. - Group one features 5 servo outputs corresponding to the functions of the 1/5 K NAUTIC Multi-Split module, Order Ref. N. 4138 or 4140, which is fit- ted in the transmitter. They consist of one proportio- nal channel and 4 switched channels with three-position switch for centre and end-points. - Group two features four further servo outputs which are assigned to the three-position switches and the ]joystick, and can be used in parallel with the outputs of group one. They operate in both directions in the following sequence: If the switch is held in one direction, the servo rotates in the corresponding direction. When the switch is released, the servo stays in the set position until the same switch is operated again. This type of function is primarily useful for cranes and fire monitors because the servo stays in the ]last commanded position until the switch is set to a new position.

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