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1/5 K NAUTIC Multi-Split module Ref. N°. 4138


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Product information

The NAUTIC Multi-Split module expands one proportional function of the FM 214** , FM 314** or mc-10/mc-12 radio control system to provide 5 functions. This means that the transmitter can be fitted with two NAUTIC Multi-Split modules to form a multi-function transmitter with 14 servo functions. - First switched channel with 3-position switch. - Second switched channel with 3-position switch. - Proportional channel with rotary potentiometer. - Two RC channels operated by dual-axis stick-type ]joystick. The primary application for this ]joystick is auxiliary functions such as a ships crane or fire monitor. The unit can be connected to any vacant channel socket on the FM 214** or FM 314** transmitter. The Multi-Prop connector is looped through the unit, so that a second NAUTIC Multi-Split module can be installed to produce a true multifunction transmitter. At the receiver end a matching NAUTIC Multi-Split decoder, Ref. N°. 4139, is required.



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