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JR Transmitter-battery 8 NH-1700 mAh, 9,6 V
Ref. N°. 3414
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Product information
High-capacity NiMH battery for GRAUPNER/JR transmitters. An excellent choice for demanding applications where high levels of reliability and extreme transmitter operating times are required from a single charge. NiMH batteries are environmentally friendly, contain neither cadmium nor mercury, and have no problematic memory effect. The preferred choice for the following GRAUPNER/JR transmitters:
XR-2, XR-3, XR-6, XS-6, FM 314, FM 414, X-388, X-3810, mx-12, mx-16S, mx-22
Dimensions approx. 102 x 31 x 31 mm
Weight approx. 198 g

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