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SPEED 400  4,8 V (4,8V) Ref. N°. 3320
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Product information
The class SPEED 400 for model planes has been developed because of the excellent performances of these small E-motors. They are ideal for direct drive power systems of model planes having one or several motors.
There is a wide range of accessories especially for these motors with a shaft diameter of 2.3 mm.
In conjunction with the matching toothed gearings No. 1703.03 or No. 1703.08 it is possible to realize
particularly lightweight and powerful drive combinations.
GRAUPNER SPEED electric motors are equally well suited for model planes, boats and car applications. The nominal operating voltage is in each case marked on the motor case for ease of identification.
Nominal voltage 4,8 V
Operating voltage range 1,2 ... 6 V
No-load rpm 22000 min–1
No-load current drain 1 A
Current drain at max. efficiency 7 A
Current drain when stalled 40 A
Max. efficiency without gearbox 66 %
Length of case, excl. shaft 37,8 mm
Diameter 27,7 mm
Free shaft length 13,8 mm
Shaft diameter 2,3 mm
Weight 73 g






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