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Pupil- cable for pupil transmitters: MX-12 / MX-16s, MX-22, MX-24, X-408 with DSC-socket and mc- instructor / teacher- transmitters Ref. N°. 3290.8
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Product information
Pupil-lead for JR-transmitters with DSC-socket mx-12, mx-16s, mx22.
Instructor / teacher can be each JR-mc-transmitter with a teacher-socket 3290.2 , 3290.12 or 3290.19

Teacher = red plug
Pupil = black plug

Length approx. 170 cm.
The following combinations are possible, with this cable.
Master / instructor / teacher Pupil
D-14, FM-414, FM-4014, FM-6014, MC-14, MC-15, MC-16, MC-16/20 with 3290 MX-12, MX-16S, X-408
MC-18, MC-20 with 3290.2 MX-12, MX-16S, MX-22, MX-24, X-347, X-388, X-3810
MC-19, -22, -22S, -24 with 3290.19


MX-22, MX-24 with instructor module 3290.22

MC-19, MC-22, MC-22S, MC-24 with DSC-socket 3290.24


MX-12, MX-16S, MX-22, MX-24, X-347, X-388, X-3810

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