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Extension-module instructor for transmitters mc-18/ mc-20/ mc-22 
and mc-24
Ref. N°. 3290.2
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Product information
Using this extension module the opto-electronic instructor/student system, Ref. N°. 3290, can be converted to a professional instructior/student system featuring single control function transfer. When the module is installed into the mc-18 transmitter, the latter has to be equipped with the PROFI-ULTRASOFT-ROM mc-20 X, Ref. N°. 4800.670.

For the mc-22 you need the teacher-module 3290.19 or this teacher-module 3290.2 and additional 4182.3
For the mc-18 and mc-20 you need additional 4181.3
For the mc-24 you need additional 4184.3

Not suitable for MC-19. For MC-19 you need 3290.19

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