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Teacher module for mc-10 / mc-12- transmitter Ref. N°. 3290.12


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Product information
Required if an mc-10/mc-12 transmitter is to be used as teacher transmitter in conjunction with a pupil transmitter of the following type: D 14, FM 414, FM 4014, FM 6014, mc-10, mc-12, mc-15, mc-16, mc-16/20, mc-17, mc-18, mc-20, mc-22 or mc-24.

The pupil-transmitters mx-12 and mx-16s can must be attached only with the cable 3290.8 as pupil/slave-transmitter.

When the teacher operates the integral momentary switch, all the teacher transmitters functions are transferred to the pupil transmitter, whose travels and directions of servo rotation were previously set up carefully to match. The unit is connected to the transmitter circuit board as shown in the sketch in the transmitter instructions. The opto-electronic light-pipe cable, Order Ref. N°. 3290.4, or ECO-cable 3290.5 is also required to complete the connection. The pupil transmitter must be equipped with a corresponding pupil socket.

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