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VOLTSPY 4 mc Ref. N°. 3165
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Product information
VOLTSPY 4 mc receiving system monitor. Monitors the receiver power supply, detects and records errors in the power supply, warns the operator, and registers interference and transmission errors in the RC system. The unit can be connected to any vacant receiver socket.
- The VOLTSPY 4 mc configures itself automatically to the operating voltage of the receiver battery, i.e. 4, 5 or 6 cells.
- Measures and storesthe receiver voltage under load (in flight) and displays the result on a high-visibility three-colour LED monitor (until the receiver is switched off).
- If battery voltage falls to a given point, or if the transmission signal is interrupted, the unit generates audible and visible warnings.
-l The unit simultaneously displays the minimum on-board voltage as a continuous light (average load) and the minimum voltage as a flashing light (maximum load on the receiver battery); this would typically occur when several servos start running at the same moment.
- An integral interference (glitch) counter counts transmission errors at the receiver output to which the VOLTSPY 4 mc is connected.
- The model-finding beeper can easily be activated from the transmitter; the glitch counter is also interrogated in this way.
Operating range 4 ... 6 cells
No-load current drain approx. 3 mA
Current drain of LED approx. additional 10 mA
Current drain of buzzer approx. additional 35 mA
Warning buzzer
(LED 2/1 continuous light) 1 x/2 x in 2 sec
Average value calculation 8 values within 1 sec
Glitch detection Signal value >+/- 80µs
Glitch counter interrogation Pulse width > 1.75 ms
Model-finder beeper activation Pulse width > 1.75 ms
Dimensions incl. buzzer approx. 43 x 16 x 12 mm
Weight approx. 7.5 g

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