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C4-X SSM 40 MHz, 2 functions R/C- Set with receiver and servo Ref. N°. 3145
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Product information
Technically advanced radio control system at an affordable price for the beginner. Proven signal processing circuitry ensures maximum operational reliability. These sets have been developed and refined consistently and now offer improved operational convenience and functionality. Externally accessible reversing switches in the transmitter for reversing servo direction. Switchable neutral position of gas/ brake stick. Accurate stick units and ergonomically optimised case design provide positive feeling of control. Charge socket with electronic reverse polarity guard circuit. Robust seven-section telescopic aerial. Integral BEC system for receiving system power supply from the drive battery in electric-powered models. The BEC supply system is integrated into the B4 SSM receiver and does not need to be added as a separate external unit.
Set contains
2-functions C4-X SSM transmitter on the appropriate frequency band, 2-functions receiver B 4 SSM SUPERHET on the appropriate frequency band, servo C 677, receiver battery holder, switch harness, pair of crystals on the appropriate frequency band.


Transmission output approx. 1,1 W
Transmission frequency 22 channels in 40 MHz band
Plug-in crystals Code letter T 50 ..59,  81.. 92
Operating voltage 9,6 ... 12 V
Current consumption approx. 95 mA
Functions: 2, both with trims
Temperature range -15 ... + 55°C
Aerial length approx. 1040 mm
Major components 8 transistors 6 diodes
Dimensions approx. 175 x 147 x 75 mm
Weight without battery approx. 405 g
4-channel SUPERHET B 4 SSM 40 (Ref. N°. 4084)
Réception frequency 22 channels in the 40 MHz band
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Intermediate frequency  455 kHz
Operating voltage  4,8 ... 7,2
Current consumption approx. 38 mA
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Temperature range -15 ... + 55°C
Aerial length approx. 1000 mm
Major components 10 transistors 5 diodes
Dimensions approx. 46 x 33 x 21 mm
Weight approx. 25 g

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
8 Mignon- Akkuzellen 1,2 V/ 1000 mAh    € 12,-
Charger Multilader 7 E  
or  other chargers   
Transmitter charge lead 3022 
Receiver battery 4,8 V/ 800 mAh 
Receiver-battery charge lead 3021
Servos C 577  
or other servos.


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