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Two-function micro-computer SSM radio control system for RC cars and boats. 40 MHz band. 10 model memories. 

Product information
Ergonomically refined and technically sophisticated radio control system at a reasonable price for the more demanding RC car and racing boat operator. Modern micro-computer radio control system with 8-bit CPU and FULL DIGITAL ACCURATE TUNING (precision digital adjustment and set-up system) for 2 control functions. Modern techno-design case with carefully positioned controls and adjustors, plus ergonomic handle format for fatigue-free racing. Double-sided pistol trigger (Throttle Trigger) for forward, reverse and/or brake. Large LCD monitor screen provides clearly arranged information on function settings and set-up parameters, and digital display of transmitter battery voltage. Visual and audible low-battery warning. 10 model memories, simple model memory select process based on new type of memory switch system using a dedicated model select button. Three two-way rocker buttons for fully digital steering trim, steering travel adjust, throttle trim and throttle travel adjust, plus servo reverse functions. Servo reverse for both control functions. Variable steering rate (servo travel) for steering servo even during racing.

The set contains
XR-2 RACE SSM 2-function transmitter on the 40 MHz band, B 4 SSM SUPERHET 2-function receiver on the 40 MHz band, C 512 servo, Transmitter battery holder, Receiver battery holder, Switch harness, Pair of crystals on the 40 MHz band.

A selection of the essential functions and multi-function programs
Battery display: The voltage of the transmitter battery is displayed constantly on the screen. An audible warning sounds when the battery is becoming dangerously low. Model memory setting: The transmitter features 10 model memories which can store data specific to different models independently. Power-on information: When the transmitter is switched on the screen displays the model memory. If you wish, this can easily be changed by pressing a button. Steering trim function: Example shows trim offset to the left. Steering trim function: Example shows steering servo corrected to the right. Brake trim function: The threshold point for the brake function is finely adjustable. Throttle (forward) trim: The point at which the power system is switched on in the forward direction is variable. ATV steering right. ATV steering left: Angular travel setting for the steering servo for left deflection. ATV throttle forward: Variable full-throttle setting. ATV reverse/brake: Variable maximum value for reverse/brake function. Instant offset for steering travel (Steering Rate): The travel can be changed using the rocker lever; the value is displayed accurately on the screen for monitoring. Servo reverse throttle function: The direction of effect of the throttle function can be changed. Servo reverse steering function: The direction of rotation of the steering servo can easily be reversed.

XR-2 RACE transmitter
DC power approx. 1.1 W
Transmission frequency 22 channels on the 40 MHz band
Plug-in crystal required 50 ... 92
Operating voltage 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 95 mA
Channel functions 2, with trims
Temperature range -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 820 mm
Dimensions approx. 205 x 245 x 90 mm
Weight excl. battery approx. 450 g

B 4 SSM 2-function receiver
Operating voltage 4.8 ... 7.2 V*
Current drain approx. 38 mA
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Servo sockets 2
Temperature range approx. -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 470 mm
Dimensions approx. 49 x 34 x 21 mm
Weight approx. 32 g
*4 to 6 NC cells

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