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XS-6 PRO-SPORT Synthesizer Computer System    40 MHz, single transmitter Ref. N°. 3120.77
Three-function micro-computer synthesizer radio control system. 10 model memories.
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Synthesizer three-function transmitter for the 40 MHz band.

(SR 6SYN FM-PLL Synthesizer receiver for the 40MHz band, switch harness and transmitter battery are not included).

XS-6 PRO-SPORT Syn* transmitter
Output power 1.5 W
Transmitter frequency:
3120:  22 channels, 40 MHz band (Ch 50-59, 81-92) 
Operating voltage 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 150 mA
Ref. N°. of channels 3, with trims
Temperature range -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 850 mm
Dimensions approx. 180 x 24 x 85 mm
Weight incl. battery approx. 595 g
*After selecting the desired new spot frequency, the value must be stored by switching the transmitter briefly OFF, then ON again.

Recommended accessories 
Transmitter-battery 9,6V / 1700 mAh 
Charger 6427 
Charge lead for transmitter 3022  
Receiver-battery 4,8V, 1700 mA N°. 7552 
Charge-lead for receiver battery 3021 
Servos C 577    oder andere Servos Ihrer Wahl.



Product information
Ergonomically and technically up-to-date radio control system incorporating Synthesizer technology for the demanding pro-standard RC car and racing boat operator. Modern computer radio control system with 8-bit CPU and FULL DIGITAL ACCURATE TUNING (precision digital adjustment / set-up system) for three servos. Large LCD screen: provides clearly legible information on function / set-up parameters, plus digital display of transmitter channel, model memory and transmitter battery voltage. PON LCD: visual POWER ON monitor. 4-Button Terminal for programming, and for accurate adjustment of functions and parameters. 4 Two-Way Rocker Buttons: fully digital steering trim / steering trim rate, throttle trim, throttle / brake function; also for programmable travel of the third servo function. ESB (Emergency Security Button): momentary safety button allows important functions to be switched quickly in an emergency situation. PPN = PPM 18 (normal modulation) PPF = PPM Fast: double-speed (fast) transmission rate = halved response time of servos and speed controllers. FCH (Frequency Channel Selection) Newly developed Synthesizer system requires no plug-in crystals in transmitter or receiver. The user selects the desired channel number, and the Synthesizer system automatically generates the transmission frequency with great accuracy. BAT: visual and audible low battery voltage warning. MD1: 10 model memories for function data and set-up values. Every model memory can be assigned a short model name. STC (Steering Centre Trim): sub-trim, steering. THC (Throttle Centre Trim) sub-trim, idle. STM (Steering Rate Master Adjustment). EXP ST (Steering Exponential adjustment) Exponential function for steering servo, 0 - 100%. EXP THF (Throttle Exponential Adjustment) THF = forward throttle, THB = brake 0 - 100%. EPA ST (End Point Adjustment Steering) Servo travel end-point adjustment, steering left / right, max. 125 - 0%. EPA TH (End Point Adjustment Throttle) End-point adjustment of throttle THC and brake R/B. EPA F3 (End Point Adjustment Function 3) End-point adjustment for third servo function. ST (Steering Reversing Switch) Servo reverse for steering servos. TH (Throttle Reversing Switch) Servo reverse for throttle servo. F3 (Function 3 Reversing Switch) Servo reverse for function 3. TDA (Throttle Deadband Adjustment) Variable start point of throttle / brake range, adjustable separately for throttle and brake functions. Universal Stopwatch: 0  999 seconds, for versatile time checks when racing. Modern Lap Record Timer, up to 50 laps with a lap time range of 0 - 99.9 seconds Enables operator to analyse important parameters after a race, e.g. motor, speed controller, drive battery, tyre and model specification for each lap.
A selection of the essential functions and multi-function programs
Steering Rate Grip Quick expander setting for steering travel when thumb-button is operated. Throttle End Point Grip Quick expander setting for throttle / brake travel when thumb-button is operated. Model Select The operator can make use of up to ten model memories, each separate and fully independent of the others. Steering Master Adjustment Basic travel setting for the steering servo for normal running. Throttle Deadband Adjustment Variable neutral effect range, adjustable separately for throttle and brake functions. Enables the user to set the starting point of the throttle and brake functions accurately. Model Name Each model memory can be assigned an individual name to help you locate the appropriate settings. Modulation The transmitter offers both the standard PPN (PPN = Normal) transmission method, plus the new super-fast PPF method (PPF = Fast) for ultra-fast servo response. Servo 3 Control Function Wide-ranging adjustment facilities for the travel characteristics of the associated servo when the CH3 lever is operated. Battery Alarm If the voltage of the transmitter battery falls to a dangerous level, the transmitter emits a visual and audible warning. Basic Display - Channel The basic display provides information about the current battery voltage and the set transmission channel. Basic Display - Model The basic display provides information about the current battery voltage and the active model. Steering Centre Trim The neutral position of the steering servo can be very finely adjusted. The offset is shown by the direction indicator left (L) or right (R). Throttle Centre Trim The neutral position of the throttle servo can be very finely adjusted. The offset is shown by the direction indicator forward (F) or brake (B). Steering to F3 Mix A steering movement can be mixed into the third servo function. The degree of mixing can be finely adjusted. Steering Sub-Trim Servo centre adjustment, separately variable for each servo function. Frequency Channel The spot frequency can be set separately for each model. This also makes it simple and quick to change spot frequencies at the race track, if your channel is already in use.

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