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XS-6 FM RACE Synthesizer computer system  40 MHz Ref. N°. 3117
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Product information
Ergonomically efficient, technically advanced radio control system employing Synthesizer technology for the demanding professional RC car and racing boat operator. 10 model memories. Modern micro-computer radio control system with 8-bit CPU and FULL DIGITAL ACCURATE TUNING (precision digital adjustment and set-up system) for 3 control functions. Modern techno-design case with carefully positioned controls and adjustors, plus ergonomic handle format for fatigue-free racing. Large LCD monitor screen provides clearly arranged information on function settings and set-up parameters, and digital display of transmitter channel, model memory and transmitter battery voltage. Four-button terminal for accurate programming of functions and parameters. Four 2-way rocker buttons for fully digital steering trim, steering trim rate, throttle trim, throttle/brake function and programmable positioning facility for the 3rd servo function. ESB (Emergency Security Button) - momentary-action safety switch controls important functions in emergency situations. PPN = PPM 18 (normal modulation) PPF = PPM Fast: double (fast) transmission rate = halving of response time for servos and speed controllers. FCH (Frequency Channel Selection) Newly developed Synthesizer system eliminates plug-in crystals for transmitter and receiver. The operator selects the channel number, and the transmitters synthesizer system automatically generates the correct frequency with great accuracy. BAT - visual and audible low battery voltage warning. MD1 10 model memories for storing function information and set-up data. Each model memory can be assigned a short model name. STC (Steering Centre Trim) steering sub-trim THC (Throttle Centre Trim) idle sub-trim STM (Steering Rate Master adjustment) STG (Steering Rate Grip lever B) Proportional travel switching (Dual/Variable Rate) Reduce/increase travels during racing using a two-way rocker button; also additional emergency button for Dual Security travel switching. EXP ST (Steering Exponential adjustment) Exponential function for steering servo, range 0 -100%. EXP THF (Throttle Exponential adjustment) THF = Forward throttle, THB - brake, range 0 - 100%. EPA ST (End Point Adjustment, Steering) Servo travel end-point adjustment for steering left/right, max. 125 - 0% EPA (End Point Adjustment) brake servo end point adjustment using two-way rocker button, max. 125 - 0%. EPA TH (End Point Adjustment, Throttle) End point adjustment for throttle (THC) and brake (R/B). EPA F3 (End Point Adjustment, Function 3) Servo travel end-point adjustment for third servo function. ST (Steering Reverse switch) Servo reverse for steering servos TH (Throttle Reverse switch) Servo reverse for throttle servo F3 (Function 3 reverse switch) Servo reverse for function 3. TDA (Throttle Deadband Adjustment) for throttle and brake function. Adjustment of starting point of effect, separately variable. Universal Stop timer 0 - 999 sec. Versatile timer for checking timing during racing. Modern lap record timer, up to 50 laps with a lap range of 0 - 99.9 sec. Enables the operator to analyse important parameters for each lap after the race, e.g. motor, speed control, drive battery, tyre and model specification.


The sets contain
XS-6 FM RACE 3-function Synthesizer transmitter on the appropriate frequency, SB6 SYN S FM PLL Synthesizer receiver on the appropriate frequency, C 577 servo, switch harness, transmitter battery.


A selection of the essential functions and multi-function programs
Steering Rate Grip: Quick Expander setting for steering travel when thumb button is operated. Throttle End Point Grip: Quick Expander setting for throttle/brake travel when thumb button is operated. Model select: The transmitter provides up to 10 independent model memories. Steering Master Adjustment: Basic steering servo travel setting for normal driving. Throttle Deadband Adjustment: Throttle and brake starting point and idel range. Model name: Each model memory can be assigned an individual name to help you with identification. Control function Servo 3: Wide-ranging variation of the control characteristics when the CH3 lever is operated. Battery alarm: A visual and audible warning is generated if the voltage of the transmitter battery declines to a dangerous level. Basic screen display: channel The basic display keeps you informed of the current battery voltage and the set transmission channel. Modulation: Standard PPN modulation or ultra-fast PPF modulation. Steering Centre Trim: Ultra-fine adjustment facility for the neutral setting of the steering servo. The deviation is displayed on-screen including the direction: left (L) or right (R). Throttle Centre Trim: Ultra-fine adjustment facility for the neutral setting of the throttle servo. The deviation is displayed on-screen including the direction: forward (F) or brake (B). Steering to F3 Mixer: It is possible to mix the steering channel into the 3rd servo function. The degree of mixing is finely variable. Steering sub-trim: Servo centre offset for each servo function, variable separately. Frequency Channel: The transmission channel can be set separately for each model. It is also possible to switch channels quickly at the race track, e.g. if one channel is duplicated.


XS-6 FM RACE transmitter
DC power approx. 1.5 W
Transmission frequency 22 channels on the 40 MHz band (variable)
Operating voltage 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 150 mA
Channel functions 3, with trims
Temperature range -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 850 mm
Dimensions approx. 180 x 24 x 85 mm
Weight incl. battery approx. 595 g

SB6 SYN 40 S FM PLL Synthesizer receiver
Réception frequency 22 channels on the 40 MHz band (variable)
Operating voltage 4.8 ... 7.2 V
Current drain approx. 24 mA
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Modulation FM (PPM)
Servo sockets 3
Temperature range approx. -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 600 mm
Dimensions approx. 45 x 32 x 16 mm
Weight approx. 24 g

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