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RC-System for 2 servo functions
Ref. N°. 3112
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Product information
Range approx. 200 mčtres.
Competition-proven 2.4 GHz system with SPREAD SPECTRUM technology in a technically refined two-function radio control system for RC car and boat operators.
- Micro-computer radio control system: exploiting the latest 2.4 GHz SPREAD SPECTRUM technology
- No crystals, no channels to set: Simultaneous operation of up to 79 transmitters using 2.4 GHz SPREAD SPECTRUM technology; no interference problems.
- Interference: from electric motors, servos and electrical charge (metal "noise") no longer possible.
- Modern techno-design case: with ergonomically positioned primary and secondary controls, and well-formed handle for fatigue-free racing.
- Integral stub aerial, folding
- Steering wheel with soft rubber lining: and variable return force, ensuring excellent grip and ultra-fine steering control.
- Dual-action pistol trigger: (throttle trigger) for forward, reverse and brake.
- Large LCD screen: provides clear information on functions and set-up parameters, plus digital display of transmitter battery voltage.
- Visual and audible low battery voltage warning
- 4-button terminal for programming and accurate adjustment of functions and parameters.
- 2 model memories for function data and set-up data. Each memory can be assigned a short model name.
- Four two-way rocker buttons for fully digital steering trim, steering trim rate, throttle trim, throttle / brake function.
- Sub-trim for steering and throttle
- Dual-Rate adjustment system with two-way rocker button permits variable steering travel reduction (range 100 40%) during racing.
- Servo travel end-point adjustment
- Servo reverse for all servos
- Programmable fail-safe function: if the radio link is lost, all servos run to pre-programmed positions.
- Binding process: any number of receivers can be bound (assigned permanently) to the one transmitter using a single programming process (button-press); the bound receivers then ignore all other transmitters.

Set contents
DX-2 DSM transmitter, SR3000 RX receiver, 1 x Z270 servo, 1 x Z590 servo, transmitter battery holder, switch harness


Display Beschriftung
Drehrichtung aller Servofunktionen getrennt einstellbar.
Einstellen der Servowege jeweils für beide Endstellungen getrennt möglich. Verstellbereich 0 - 125%
Einstellen der Neutrallage der Servofunktionen
Einstellen des maximalen, linearen Steuerweges der Lenkfunktion. Verstellbereich 0 - 125%
Lenkwege Schnellverstellung. Der mit der Zwei-Weg-Wipp-Taste eingestellte Wert wird direkt im Display angezeigt.
Nach dem Einschalten des Senders werden Modellnummer, Name und die Spannung der Senderbatterie angezeigt.
Frequency band: 2.4 ... 2.4835 GHz
Max. transmitter input power: 0.8 W
Modulation: Digital Spread Spectrum
Servo resolution: 4096-step (12-bit)
Simultaneous operation, DX-2 DSM transmitters: 79
Operating voltage: 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 100 mA
Control functions: 2, with trims
Temperature range: -15° ... +55° C
Aerial length approx. 85 mm
Dimensions approx. 240 x 180 x 95 mm
Weight excl. battery approx. 410 g


SR 3000 receiver, Order No. 7080
Spot frequencies: 79
Servo functions: 3
Current drain approx. 40 mA / 4.8 V
Sensitivity approx. 7 µV
Dimensions approx. 41 x 27 x 15 mm
Weight approx. 11 g 

Alternative current supply for the receiver from the drive-battery
BEC-Switch-harness 1A, Nr. 3028 or
BEC-Switch-harness 2A, Nr. 3051
Servo Z270 Order No. 3121.27
Operating voltage: 4.8 ... 6 V
No-load current approx. 6 mA
Max. current drain approx. 0.7 A
Torque approx. 45 Ncm
Angular travel approx. 2 x 45°
Transit speed approx. 0.13s / 40°
Dimensions approx. 38 x 19 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 40 g


Servo Z590 Order No. 3121.59
Operating voltage: 4.8 ... 6 V
No-load current approx. 6 mA
Max. current drain approx. 1.05 A
Torque approx. 60 Ncm
Angular travel approx. 2 x 45°
Transit speed approx. 0.12s / 40°
Dimensions approx. 39 x 19 x 40 mm
Weight approx. 48 g

Recommended accessories (please click for description).
Charge lead for transmitter-batteries 3022
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 
BEC-Switch-harness 1A, Nr. 3028  or BEC-Switch-harness 2A, Nr. 3051
Servos C 577  oder other servos of your choice.

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