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CONTEST carbon transmitter tray Ref. N°. 3091


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in new CFK carbon style, for mc-24, mc-20, mc-18, mc-17 and FM 6014 transmitters.

Product information
For transmitter mc-22 Ref. N°. 3093*. Carefully designed to satisfy the wishes and demands of the competition pilot, this functional, ergonomically efficient tray features proven double-shell technology with strong integral support bars. The tray is extremely comfortable to wear and holds the transmitter securely; you will soon find that the CONTEST transmitter tray is both good-looking and excellent to use. The handrest surfaces are the perfect height and shape, giving you a great basis for fine, accurate and fatigue-free control. One highly practical detail feature is the pair of generously sized lidded tool compartments which provide convenient storage for tools, spare parts, pairs of crystals, small items, sun-glasses etc. The boxes are fitted with two integral vacuum-moulded inner wells which prevent small parts getting lost in the tray frame. The CONTEST transmitter tray can be carried about conveniently in the GRAUPNER aluminium case complete with fitted tray support system and strap, without removing the transmitter. *Supplied without strap

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