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DUAL POWER INTERFACE (EMCOTEC-Akkuweiche), 6 servos Ref. N°. 3052
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Product information
DPSI RV (Dual Power Servo Interface - Regulated Voltage) Ultra-modern electronic voltage stabilisation system (and battery backer) for the receiver power supply. This interface delivers a stabilised output voltage for receiver and servos, providing an unprecedented level of security for your RC receiving system.
- Dual power supply for receiver and servos (battery backer)
- Four output voltages: 4.8 ... 6 V (selected by jumper)
- Maintains all essential parameters for RC receiving systems
- Stable power supply voltage provides constant servo torque throughout the flight
- Suitable for use with LiIo / LiPo and NiCd / NiMH cells
- Fail-safe electronic On / Off switch with socket for supplementary external LED voltage indicator
- Short-circuit protected servo signal amplification using low-current APP (Advanced Push-Pull) technology
- Straightforward option for using two receivers
- Special earth concept for interference-free operation and maximum possible security
- High-quality injection-moulded plastic case with integralretaining clips for battery connectors and polarised servo connector protection
Operating voltage: 6.0 ... 8.4 V
Power source: 5, 6, 7-cell NiCd / NiMH and 2-cell GRAUPNER LiPo packs
Output voltage: 4.8 V / 5.2 V / 5.5 V / 6 V set using jumper
Idle current (switched off): approx. 2 - 3 µV per battery
Current drain (switched on): approx. 90 mA total
Max. continuous current approx. 4 A
Dimensions approx. 99 x 77 x 16 mm
Weight approx. incl. On / Off switch 120 g


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