Charging leads G3,5, 2,5mm2 Ref. N°. 2970.L
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At last it's here: the polarised G3.5 GOLD-CONTACT connector system. The G3.5 connector system has already been used successfully by professional modellers and competition flyers for several years, and it is now available in a polarised version. Since the introduction of modern, enormously potent rechargeable NiMH and LiPo batteries, theconventional connector types have lagged behind the state of the technology. The polarised G3.5 connector system offers the advantages of the equally low-loss G4 connector system, is lighter than the G2 connector system, and is of a similar size to the MG6 connector system. With its numerous advantages and a maximum load current of 80 A, this superb connector system will supersede the previous MG6, G2 and G4connectors, and eventually replace them altogether. For this reason all high-current batteries and speed controllers (apart from BEC connector systems) will gradually be converted to the new connector system. The first items to be converted are the following speed controllers: GRAUPNER GENIUS 70, Order No. 2897, and GRAUPNER POWER V60, Order No. 2847. Other speed controllers with the G3.5 connectorsystem: PICO 25 G3.5, Order No. 7172.G35, and GRAUPNER GENIUS 30 G3.5 brushless + brushed, Order No. 2895.G35.

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