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GM-Genius 70 G3,5, brushless + brushed BEC, 7,2 - 14,8 (19,2)V
70/140A, 2 - 4(5) LiPo
Ref. N°. 2897.G35
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Product information
World Champion software. The software is based largely on that of the GM SX12 controller, which won the World Championships in 2004. The integral micro-controller automatically detects the connected motor type from the motor wiring arrangement. Brushless motor. Brushed motor for models with reverse function (2/3 continuous load capacity, max. 9.6 V operating voltage). Brushed motor for models without reverse function (double continuous current capacity). Start-up protection function if stick is in wrong position when switched on. The controller is not armed until the stick is moved to the »motor off« or »brake« position. Ultra-simple controller set-up using four basic modes: 1.) Electric-powered model aircraft, all models (forward with EMF brake); factory default.
2.) All models without brake and without reverse function (power model aircraft, model boats).
3.) Model helicopters with speed regulation (governor mode).
4.) Models with brake and reverse function (model cars and boats).
Li-Po / Li-Io capable in basic modes 1 - 3; only for two cells in mode 4. The controller automatically detects the voltage of the drive battery in modes 1 - 3 when the battery is connected, and reduces power automatically when battery voltage falls below the permissible level (5/8 of initial voltage), in order to avoid deep-discharging the Li-Po / Li-Io cells. Basic requirement: a properly balanced battery pack, i.e. all cells must have the same capacity. Automatic detection when using motors with Hall sensors: when the drive battery is connected, the micro-controller checks whether Hall sensors are present and connected. If this is the case, the controller carries out a self-calibration process the first time the motor is accelerated, so that the Hall sensors are used to provide optimum start-up. At higher rotational speeds the Hall sensors are by-passed, as this allows better timing and improved efficiency. Optimum regulatory and start-up characteristics, even with sensorless brushless motors. This makes it possible to use a vast range of motors in model cars.
Operating voltage range 7.2 ... 14.8V (19.2V*)
Number of cells, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH 6 to 12 (16*)
Number of cells, Li-Po, Li-Io 2 to 4 (5*)
Cont. current (brushless motors) 70 A
Maximum motor current (10 sec.) 140 A
Temperature cut-off approx. 120° C
EMF brake programmable
Reverse function programmable
Soft-start programmable
Low-voltage power-down yes
Power-on pulse suppression yes
Pulse frequency 8 kHz
BEC receiver power supply approx. 5.5 V / 4 A peak
Max. BEC dissipated power at 20° C 2.5 W
OPTO optional
Dimensions excl. capacitors approx. 50 x 27 x 15 mm
Dimensions incl. capacitors. approx. 70 x 27 x 15 mm
Weight excl. cables approx. 33 g
Weight incl. cables approx. 70 g
* with opto-coupler, Order No. 2894.3, and when using a four-cell receiver battery



Recommended accessories:
2894.6 Interface cable, PC/Genius

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