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Receiver battery GRAUPNER 5-N-1000 2/3 AA NiMH 6,0V, 1000mAH Ref. N°. 2587
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Product information
GRAUPNER nickel-metal-hydride batteries for receivers: Over the last few years NiMH cells have improved steadily in their ability to deliver high currents, and at the same time their higher capacity has made them more and more interesting to the modeller. These new NiMH batteries have a much higher energy density than NiCd batteries; for approximately the same weight these batteries offer up to twice the capacity. The voltage and discharge curves of NiMH cells are now comparable with those of NiCd cells of the same size. Since NiMH batteries contain no cadmium, they are also much kinder to the environment.
Voltage V 6,0
Capacity mAh 1000
Max. charge current mA 1000
Max. continuous discharge current mA 100
Weight approx.. 105 g
Dimensions approx. 84 x 30 x 17 mm
Socket type JR

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