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R/C racing boat. Semi-scale model design of an offshore racer. For drive through an electric motor or an engine of 1,76 cm³. 4 channels. Quickie kit with ready-formed hull, deck and cover. 
Product- information
This speedy racer is particularly attractive thanks to its modernistic design. Two variants of the boat may be built: your option of electric drive or combustion engine. The electric-powered version is equipped with the HYDRO-SPEED 500 RACE drive system. For the combustion engine variant you'll need an OS MAX 10 FP-M of 1.76 cm3 displacement, plus retrofit set, Ref. N°. 578. Equipped with the recommended HYDRO drive system the model can be accurately steered whether travelling forward or backward. Depend-ing on the type of powerplant installed the model reaches speeds up to 30 km/h. The moulded hull and the other pre-fabbed parts shorten building time considerably. Colour trim sheets for dressing up the boat are available in red, yellow or green; your choice.

Contents of the quickie kit
Quickbuild plan incl. R/C installation and printed building instructions in Dutch, English, French and German, extruded hull, deck, cover and wing of ABS plastic, die-cut plywood parts, moldings, decals and miscellaneous parts.


R/C functions
Rudder Travel forward - half speed ahead - stop Infinitely variable speed control

Hull length 535 mm
Length o.a. 600 mm
Width 158 mm
All-up weigth, incl. R/C gear 1.1 kg
Speed (depending
on equipment) up to 30 km/h

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