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OS MAX 25 LA.  4,07 cc Ref. N°. 1896
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Product information
Low-cost motors for beginners and sports models, reliable and easy to handle. In both case the needle valve is mounted at the rear of the motor, so that it can be adjusted safely at a distance from the spinning propeller.
Recommended propellers
Ref. N°. 1316.23.12 Ref. N°. 1316.23.15 Ref. N°. 1316.25.12
Hubraum cm³ 4,07 Leistung ca. 0,44 kW (0,6) (PS) bei 15000 U/min Drehzahlbereich U/min ca. 2500~16000 Bohrung 18,0 mm Hub 16,0 mm Vergaser 20 H Wellengewinde 1 /4 -28 UNF Gewicht 190 g Einbaumaße Länge bis Nabe ca. 67,5 mm Breite ca. 44 mm Höhe ca. 74,5 mm Abst. Bef.-Löcher längs 14,0 mm quer 36 mm Bef.-Loch Ø 3,2 mm

Silencer is not included!

Recommended silencers: 1424.33  or  1425.72

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