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OS MAX 21 RG (P)-X ABC Ref. N°. 1877
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OS glow-engines for model cars with reverse-flow scavenging. 3,46 cm³.

Product information
With integrated pullcord starter. This high-power rear exhaust motor is straightforward to handle and is thus equally suitable for beginners and experienced modellers. Twin ballraces, ABC piston/cylinder, special car crankshaft, large cooling fins and tail heat-sink head for good heat dissipation, type 20 E slide carburettor and super air filter 201. The motor is prepared for the compensation chamber system which is available as a special accessory.


Hubraum cm³ 3,46 Leistung ca. 1,4 kW (1,9) (PS) bei 30000 U/min Drehzahlbereich U/min ca. 3000~35000 Bohrung 16,6 mm Hub 16,0 mm Vergaser 20E Wellengewinde 1/4-28 UNF Gewicht 397 g Einbaumaße Länge bis Nabe ca. 88,4* mm Breite ca. 45 mm Höhe ca. 101 mm Abst. Bef.-Löcher längs 21 mm quer 37 mm Bef.-Loch Ø 3,2 mm * Nabe nicht montiert

Silencer is not included!



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