OS-MAX 15 LA   2,49 cc capacity Ref. N°. 1844


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Product information
OS-MAX LA motors are low-cost power plants designed for beginners and sports models, and are reliable and simple to handle. The needle valve is at the rear of the motor, keeping the operator´s fingers well clear of the propeller when making adjustments.


Power kW (HP) approx. 0,31 (0,41) at 17000 rpm
Speed range approx. 2500~18000
Bore 15,2 mm
Stroke 13,7 mm
Carburet 10G
Shaft thread U 7/32-32
Weight approx. 138 g
Length to driver 64
Width approx. 40 mm
Height approx. 62 mm
Hole long. 14,5 mm
spacing transv. 33 mm
Fixing hole Ø 3,2 mm

Silencer is not included!

Recommended silencer: 1805.33

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