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ECO-40 general-purpose electric starter  Ref. N. 1627


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Product information
Two general-purpose ECO starters representing a new generation of low-cost units for the price-con-scious modeller. Easy to handle, robustly made, with high-torque motors and an ergonomically positioned starter switch. The wide integral end-pieces protect the switch from accidental operation and soiling. They also form a stable stand when you put the starter down. The robust electric motor is of very high-torque design and is ideal for starting glow-plug motors in model aircraft, boats and helicopters. The high-flex power cables are of generous cross-section, and two large battery clips provide a reliable grip on the battery terminals. To aid the starting procedure these starters come complete with an aluminium pulley wheel fitted with an integral reversible rubber insert for fixed-wing, boat and helicopter motors.
Operating voltage 12 V =
Torque approx. 135 Ncm (13500 cmg)
Weight approx. 1490 g
Dimensions approx. 180 x 87 x 64 mm

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