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ECO-90 universal electric starter Ref. N°. 1626
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Product information
A new generation of three ECO all-purpose starters for the price-conscious modeller. Easy to handle, robust, with high-torque motors, good ergonomics and a carefully positioned starter switch. The broad integral end-plates protect the switch from accidental operation and soiling, and also support the starter securely on the ground or workbench. The robust electric motors offer very high torque, and are suitable for starting internal-combustion motors in model aircraft, boats and helicopters. The flexible connecting lead is of generous cross-section, and the two sturdy battery clamps ensure that the starter is practical and reliable in use. The simplest starting procedure for model aircraft, boat and helicopter motors is to use the aluminium pulley with integral reversible rubber insert, while the V-belt channel can be used for starting helicopters and boat motors fitted with a belt start system.
Operating voltage 12 V =
Torque approx. 238 Ncm (23800 cmg)
Weight approx. 1947 g
Dimensions approx. 211 x 86 x 64 mm

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