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Récepteur RX-7-SYNTH DS M-PCM 35 MHz B, pour canaux 182...191 Réf. N°. 55851
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Information sur les produits
High-quality, highly selective seven-channel / nine-channel dual-conversion receivers
exploiting the latest SMT construction methods and M-PCM technology. The carefully
tuned regulatory system prevents inter-channel modulation, overload effects,
blocking and interference effects where high-level adjacent channels are present.
Synthesizer technology eliminates the need for plug-in crystals for selecting the
RF spot frequency. The in-line (end-mounted) connector arrangement and the slim
format, low weight and compact dimensions make these receivers ideal for use in
slim fuselages (e.g. F3B, F3J, …) and in small model aircraft generally.
Prepared for two-receiver diversity operation.
Caractéristiques techniques
Nombre de voies 7
Type de réception FM / M-PCM, dual conversion
Sensibilité env. 2µV
Alimentation 3,5...7,5V, 4-5 éléments NiCd/NiMH
Consommation < 20...30 mA (sans servos)
Permissible temperature range -20°C… +55°C
Long. de l’antenne env. 900 mm
Dimensions (L x l x h) 56 x 22,5 x 24,5 mm
Poids env. 31 g
Type de connexion : UNI


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