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DC Regulated Power Supply 12V/10 - 12 A Ref. N°. 94451
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Information sur les produits
The regulated power supplys from GM-Racing are very strong and rigid. They are very good to use together with all 12V DC chargers. For the part numbers and technical data please have a look on the table below. overload protection. very stable voltage. strong metal case. control light if switched on. In: 230V/50 Hz, Out: 13,8 VDC. regulated power supply.

Caractéristiques techniques
Input 230V/50Hz; 
Output 13,8V; 
current 10 - 12 A; 
poids 4,2 kg; 
Dimensions: (Long. x larg. x hauteur) env. 139 x 114 x 250 mm. 



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