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This extremely powerful BEC system is primarily intended for supplying current to the servos and receiver from 2 LiPo cells or 5 to 6 NiMH cells. This product finally allows modellers to exploit the weight advantage of LiPo cells for receiver batteries. LiPo cells, with their low internal resistance, low rates of self-discharge and light weight, are very well suited for use as receiver batteries - apart from their high voltage. This electronic unit reduces the excessive output voltage to a constant, ultra-stable level. The BEC circuit's peak pulsed current of 7.5 A is very high, making it possible to operate up to four digital servos or ten normal servos (please check the stall currents of the servos you wish to use). If you require even higher currents, multiple BEC-systems of the same type can be connected in parallel. If two or more BEC systems are used, a dual-battery system (battery backer) can be set up: in this case one BEC system must be used for each battery. The BEC current does not flow through the switch, and the circuit is designed in such a way that the BEC power supply is always maintained even if a fault occurs in the switch. When the switch contact is closed, the BEC powersupply is switched off, making the circuit particularly secure.

Tension de service: 6 ... 12 V
Output voltage : 5.6 V
Cont. current with 2 LiPo approx. 2 A
Cont. dissipated power approx. 5 W
Pulsed current : 7.5 A
Switch function : electronic

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